The vote on renewing the Patriot Act is this Friday, right before the clock runs out to do so. On Thursday at 7pm (local time) as the sun sets, people are gathering all across the country to demand the Patriot Act expire. These 50 emergency vigils are the most important thing we can do right now to pull off any senator thinking that maybe it's ok to renew the Patriot Act. Find one near you by clicking on the map, or contact us to add your event! End the Patriot Act this week, spread the word!

WHAT: Mass vigil at sunset against mass surveillance - happening in 50 cities across the U.S.

WHEN: Thursday, May 21st as the sun is setting (please gather at 7pm in your time zone)

WHERE: Get the address for your senator's office on your local Facebook event page!

BRING: A cell phone, laptop, tablet, and candles with the already pre-loaded. Make a big sunset sign and write "Sunset the Patriot Act".

WHY WE NEED YOU: This is the week when we have a chance to sunset the PATRIOT Act! The PATRIOT Act could end this week if Congress fails to reauthorize it by this Friday ahead of its June 1st expiration. So, on Thursday May 21st, people are organizing a mass vigil in 50 cities across the U.S. to demand their Senators let the Patriot Act expire.

And we’ve set it up so its super easy to get involved:

Post your pictures to the Sunset Vigil Facebook page and on Twitter with the hash tags #sunsetpatriotact #sunsetvigil and your senators' webpage!

These protests are being organized by your friends at Demand Progress, Restore the Fourth, CREDO,, Free Press, and Fight for the Future.

For press inquiries, please contact us at:

202-681-7582 or [email protected]
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